A library in motion

PROJECT TYPE: (Proposal) Urban design + Library

WHERE: London, UK

COLLABORATION: Arch. Roberta D'Agrosa

YEAR: 2016

The project works through a continuous process of reversals of soils, digging in some cases and in others emancipated. The soil is not in fact seen as a limit: the excavation becomes the action that allows to locate new places and new areas. The project is capable of activating a system of relations.

The open space project works with elements that are future ruins, peremptory elements able to design a new urban areas. Tree, columns and walls are devices that work in connection with one another, determining new measures. The tree becomes column in the subsoil and the wall becomes an element of designation identifying areas introverts. In keeping with the theme inverted soil occurs a reversal of the relationship between construction and subsoil, a primitive soil clay and a corresponding system in the basement, underground, man-made and inhabited.

The project is made up of strong elements, which become generators. The building has regularity and hierarchy but also undergoes continuous variations, in relation to the changing needs of the project. To make clear that combination between permanence and variability of the type, the project was broken down into its plans, and each of them was analyzed in relation to its constituent elements. In the underground space the project assumes a transversal development respect to that of the tower. The soil is modeled through bending action, identifying different areas. The key issue is the correlation between the above ground and underground spaces. The project is conceived as a system of relations.