A technology shelter 

PROJECT TYPE: (Proposal) Regeneration of urban void 

WHERE: Milan, Italy

COLLABORATION: Arch. Luigi Savio, Arch. Alessandra Pena

YEAR: 2015

The proposal is based on a contrasting aproach regarding technology. The main goal is to develop a refuge that merges a primitive space with technology.
Starting from the architype of the cave and the forest we project a shelter which mixes the primitive idea of a refuge and the high technology of modern culture. After an analysis of the material, its properties, the needs of the user and the design requirements; we projected the Hyper Cave. It consists of a superposition of larch wood beams which are extruded outside the inner and outer limits of the main structure to produce different situations and interactions with the users.

The light gets in and out through the several translucent gaps which enphasize the rithm.