Inside the nature

PROJECT TYPE: (Proposal) Landscape architecture + Pavillion

WHERE: Inujima, Japan

COLLABORATION: Arch. Davide Salomoni, Arch. Erica Mosca (Lab. by K.Sejima)

YEAR: 2016

Our project is the path, which connects a lot of different parts of the island.
We would like that people of the island and tourists as well can enjoy the entire island, so the path becomes the tool to discover it.
For us the most important characteristic of the island is that in 2 hours people can experience lots of different landscapes, for example: the waterfront with the beaches, the forest with the hills, the quarries and ruins area with the museum.
So our project consider the context as a fundamental element.

Our path is completely new and it goes in the unexplored areas of the island. It is a line, but together with the existing street them create a loop.
The shape of the path is very important because his width is not the same in all parts, in fact it depends on the context.

We choose some significant places with very different natural characteristics of landscape, in order to show that the path changes according to the context.