The construction of metropolis: from the infrastructure to the project of public space

PROJECT TYPE: (Proposal) Urban planning

WHERE: Amman, Jordan

COLLABORATION: Arch. Daniele Dalbosco

YEAR: 2017

The world in these years is knowing an unprecedented urbanization phenomenon. The challenge of the future is to be ready to welcome the expansion of these cities with adequate urban planning and infrastructure plans. Jordan, like many Eurasian countries, will face the growth in the coming years. The purpose of this thesis is to examine the practices used to manage the urban growth of the city with the aim of reaching a proposal that will respond to the problems encountered. The growth and development of the city will take the model of growth towards these horizontal peripheral axes shown in the diagrams from the existing east-west corridors for expansion, which will need to be reinforced with functions that communicate new settlements with the existing city. This is due to the need to preserve the area mainly to the east, as it is close to the Jordan valley and the south, as an area dedicated to agriculture as well as to the north. At the metropolitan scale, the masterplan was designed to connect the system of new settlements to the existing city: going to work on infrastructure such as the highways and the internal train line to Amman and those of the project, such as the new rail line that with a loop will go connect to existing qualla going to outline a new strong axis which acts as a hinge between the existing and future settlements.